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Corporation Tax

Dealing with corporate tax affairs are a major challenge for small to medium sized companies incorporated in the UK. Staying up to date with changes in domestic and international corporate tax laws is not possible for a small business owner without the services of a dedicated accounting department. Maintaining such a department is out of the question for the majority of small businesses in the UK. Here is where we at Midford Accountants can help.

Our dedicated team of London-based tax advisers and accountants can provide your business with comprehensive tax planning, registration and compliance services at a price you can afford. We are experienced in handling corporate tax affairs for a wide range of clients across many different sectors, and regions. Furthermore, we provide tax advice to all our clients ensuring full compliance with HM Revenue & Customs while minimising your corporate tax liability at the same time.

Our corporate tax planning and compliance services include:

There are many ways in which your company can reduce its corporate tax liabilities. The rules are changing all the time with some avenues for tax reduction being shut down and new ones opened. Our accountants at Midford Accountants are always on the lookout for ways your business can save money in its corporate tax returns. Purchasing commercial property; introducing employee share schemes; using company cars; putting money in non-trading investments; and using outside investors are just some of the ways your company can reduce its corporate tax liability.

Business owners in the UK are only too aware of the additional burden corporate tax assessment adds to their responsibilities. Assessing one's own corporate tax returns under the shadow of increased HMRC oversight can result in huge amounts of stress for the small business owner, especially around tax season. Mistakes in the form of inaccurate corporate tax reporting can result in fines and investigations from tax-enforcement agencies.

We can alleviate all the worries of business owners in the UK during tax season. It should be remembered that the UK is the destination of choice for entrepreneurs from all over the world and boasts the highest number of double taxation treaties of any country on the planet. Our corporate tax specialists at Midford Accountants can eliminate the stress and fear of tax season. We ensure that all your taxes are calculated accurately and paid on time. We also make sure that you don't pay any more tax than necessary, and take full advantage of all the incentives offered. Our goal at Midford Accountants is to use our expertise and experience to reduce costs and add value to your business's bottom line.