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Holding Company

A Holding Company is an incorporated company whose sole function is to own controlling interest in one or more subsidiary companies. Recent legislation has made the UK a highly attractive place to incorporate a multinational Holding Company for child companies operating in the EU zone and beyond. Since a UK Holding Company is registered as a Private Limited Company (Ltd) or a Public Limited Company (PLC), it can take advantage of the United Kingdom's double taxation treaties as well as a number of other local and foreign tax benefits.

A major commercial and financial hub in the European Union with a healthy business environment, the United Kingdom has taken unprecedented steps in the last few years to break down barriers of entry for anyone looking to create a Holding Company. Any eligible individual from anywhere in the world can easily start a UK Holding Company with minimal expense with a little help from our experienced agents at Midford Accountants.

Holding Companies in the UK have the advantage of no restrictions in the movement of capital, zero capital duty and, in the case of Holding Companies incorporated as Private Limited Companies, no minimum paid-up capital requirements. Perhaps the greatest assets in setting up a UK Holding Company are the many tax benefits the company can take advantage of.

Here are some of the benefits of registering a Holding Company in the UK:

The law on the taxation of foreign dividends is constantly evolving as UK and foreign jurisdictions work to simplify or strengthen laws. Our London based Corporate Tax planners and registered accountants are always on hand to help use the current UK tax laws to your advantage.

Midford Accountants offer Holding Company and subsidiary company registration services for businesses looking to set up in the United Kingdom, Northern Ireland or Scotland. Our agents will guide you through every step of the process in setting up your own UK Holding Company.