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Personal Tax

Whereas private limited companies and public companies are taxed under corporation tax rules, taxation of businesses operating as sole traderships and partnerships fall under personal tax regulations. Managing your personal taxes can be difficult at the best of times; keeping up with all the latest legislation while managing your business' taxes under self assessment can be a source of unending frustration.

Just because a business is taxed under self assessment rules does not mean that the owner can't get expert advice from tax professionals. At Midford Accountants, our personal tax advisers can provide clear and practical tax advice for you and your business that minimises your tax liability while guaranteeing regulatory compliance.

Our team of London based tax accountants can help with every aspect of managing your personal tax returns. This includes accurately filling out self assessment forms, properly handling tax enquiries and even giving advice on tax planning. Midford Accountants' personal tax service provides customised and proactive methods in which you can reduce tax liabilities and maximise wealth while fully complying with UK tax regulations.

Midford Accountants' personal tax service includes:

Full Tax Calculations

An integral part of the whole tax return process, complete and accurate calculations are needed to determine your taxable income and how much you have to pay after deductions. Our tax accountants can calculate exactly how much you need to pay and when you need to pay.

Repayment Claims

Our accountants can handle all tax repayment claims on your behalf. We file the necessary paperwork with HM Revenue & Customs and make sure that you get the amounts that you are due. Unlike other companies we do not charge a percentage of your claims. All repayment claim collections are provided as part of our complete personal tax service.

Small Business Accounts

We can help with personal tax assessments for anyone self employed as a sole trader, in a partnership or limited liability partnership. Our tax professionals will help you minimise tax risk and ensure you meet all obligations.

HM Revenue & Customs Correspondence

Midford Accountants can save you a lot of hassle and aggravation by handling all correspondence with the appropriate department at HM Revenue & Customs on your behalf.

Tax Questions

If you have questions or concerns about your tax return, do not hesitate to contact us. Our tax professionals are more than happy to help clear any doubts or queries you might have regarding your personal tax filings.

Changes in Tax Law

We will inform you of any recent changes to UK tax legislation and how it can affect your personal tax return. We make sure that you know what's going on at every step of the way and are never caught off guard.

Whatever your individual requirements and tax situation are, our tax experts at Midford Accountants are well placed to meet all your needs. Our pool of London based accountants and financial advisers have the knowledge and experience required to make sure you personal tax return goes through without a hitch.