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UK VAT Representative or agent.

Distance selling of Goods to UK

What is distance selling?

Distance selling is when a VAT-registered business in one EU country supplies and delivers goods to a customer in another EU country who isn't registered for VAT. You are distance selling into the UK if:

An example is an online business (selling beauty products or shoes) based in Germany, and has customers based in the UK (in this case UK resident individuals who are NOT VAT registered), the German company will arrange for the delivery of the goods or deliver it themselves to their customers in the UK. On top of that the total UK sales is more than £70,000 in a year. In this case, you are required to register for VAT in the UK and account for UK VAT. Please note that if the individual or business in the UK are registered for VAT, then this does not apply to your German company.

Who do we act for?

We only act for other EU VAT registered businesses (excluding UK) to help them with their UK VAT obligations through distance selling. We cannot act for your business in other EU countries for distance selling.

Below is how Midford Accountants will help you:

VAT registration – We will complete VAT1A application, and send it to you for approval before sending to HMRC.

Help with completing VAT returns – We can help complete quarterly VAT returns. Working with our tax specialists ensures that you are never late or miss out a deadline for VAT payment. We will tell you how much and when to pay so that you avoid any penalties relating to late payments and filings.

Act as your tax agent or tax representative – We mostly act as tax agents for our clients and deal with VAT matters on your behalf. If you wish to appoint us as your tax representative, then this can be arranged but we will have to assess the risks associated with such appointments as we will be jointly liable for any defaults or non-payment of VAT.

Handle all correspondence and dispute resolution with HMRC – Midford Accountants' pool of tax-accountants have the capability and experience in handling any and all disputes regarding tax matters with HM Revenue & Customs. We can arrange for the best solicitors who will represent you in matters of appeals, VAT and duties tribunals, judicial review to the High Courts, and representation before courts where fraudulent conduct is alleged. Our agents can also handle any miscellaneous correspondence and telephone enquiries received from H M Revenue & Customs relating to your company.

Please feel free to take advantage of our 1 hour free and no-obligation consultation. Please email us on and we will respond within 24 hours (excluding weekends and bank holidays).