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VAT registration and VAT returns are just some of the tax services provided by Midford Accountants. VAT regulations are always changing, making it difficult for the small to medium business owner to stay up-to-date with the growing demands of HM Revenue & Customs. Keeping full VAT compliance can be a challenging administrative chore for small businesses without the benefit of a dedicated accounting team. Our team of London based accountants and tax consultants can help you manage this complex area. We ensure that your business complies with all regulations to the letter without making any overpayments on your VAT.

The comprehensive VAT services offered by Midford Accountants include:

VAT registration – You must apply for VAT registration if your UK based company has an annual turnover exceeding £83,000. Companies making below the £82K threshold may also apply for voluntary registration, depending on various factors. Essentially, if your company can show it makes a taxable supply of goods or services in the United Kingdom; or if your UK based company is making supplies abroad that would be taxable if they were made in the United Kingdom, you will have to register for VAT. Our tax specialists at Midford Accountants can help with every step of this process, from filling out the registration forms to handling all correspondence from HM Revenue & Customs.

VAT planning and administration – Midford Accountants offers a full range of VAT advisory and support services. Our tax accountants can advise on the VAT implications of all corporate and property transactions and financing arrangements. We base our VAT planning on tax implications and can even consult third party solicitors for commercial advice where appropriate. We strive to provide sound, independent advice on all aspects of constantly evolving VAT regulations. Our London based accountants and tax advisers also specialise in carrying out various VAT administrative services for everyone from small one man businesses to medium sized organisations.

Choosing the right VAT scheme for your business – If your company's annual VAT taxable turnover is less than £150,000, it is possible to simplify your VAT accounting by calculating your VAT payments as a percentage of your total VAT-inclusive turnover (flat rate scheme). Calculating the flat rate percentage can greatly simplify the whole process of accounting for and working out your business's VAT obligations. There are a number of VAT accounting schemes to choose from, depending on the size and scope of your business. Our tax accountants can help choose the VAT scheme most appropriate for your company.

Help with completing VAT returns – We can help complete quarterly VAT returns and, if required, EC sales lists and Intrastat. Working with our tax specialists ensures that you are never late or miss out a deadline for VAT payment. We can also handle any VAT refunds on your behalf and deposit them directly into your company's bank account.

Handle all correspondence and dispute resolution with HMRC – Midford Accountants' pool of tax-accountants have the capability and experience in handling any and all disputes regarding tax matters with HM Revenue & Customs. We can arrange for the best solicitors who will represent you in matters of appeals, VAT and duties tribunals, judicial review to the High Courts, and representation before courts where fraudulent conduct is alleged. Our agents can also handle any miscellaneous correspondence and telephone enquiries received from H M Revenue & Customs relating to your company.

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